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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help For The Dj in The Digital Age

Good day to one and all,

       I am a Traktor Dj, meaning I use Traktor Scratch Pro (TSP) by Native Instrument. This is one of the cutting edge apps In the Dj world. I use to use have vinyl then I started to use CDs and I can tell you I do not miss those day's.....lmao. My Crates are all virtual now,  being a digital Dj is easier to a certain degree however there is allways extra work. Organizing digital crates can still be a task. Now we have to make sure that all our files are tagged&.'m..nbsp;properly then there is also bite-rate issue if the files are compressed to much then the audio quality sounds like Poop.

        Now my Dj brother Djsess who can be found at, informed me about using the imfamous iTunes for tagging and organizing your music folders. The only problem is iTunes will not automatically update your folders, with out the aid of third party apps.

        iTunes Library Updater can be found here . The problem with this is that there is no longer any support for this plugin. It does work but if you have an extremely large collection then it will take some time to update your library.

       Stay tuned as I intend to update this blog with more info:
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