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Monday, January 3, 2011

Train Spotter the Traktor Friendly App

Ok so you like my self, are a Traktor Scratch Pro DJ and have noticed that there aren't to many options for you in getting your your digital crates up to date.
Well Trains Spotter (TS,) is the one stop application that you will practically do everything but get you a gig and play your music for you. TS is a feature heavy application with such plug-ins as:

  •  Key detection for wav, flac and MP3 files, plus the ability to use an external command line decoder for other audio files formats.
  • Allows you to find and update tracks in Discogs, create a WAV file named after the track and open it for recording.
  • Adds updated and recorded tracks to your Discogs collection.
  • Allows you to flac or MP3 encode your WAV files and embed cover art inside them so you can see it in Traktor Pro.

Now it is in Beta However the support is amazing and if you donate you get the VIP treatment.

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